I grew up in Vyronas, Attica, and I am working with photography since 2014.
 The old houses built in my neighborhood by the immigrants who arrived from Smyrna have created the perfect environment for my love for architectural photography! Constructions, many of which remain to this day, were the way for my mind to wander in times when I heard only in old folks' stories!

 My sympathy for good old films gave birth to another view of black and white photography. I think that this 60s was a period of "innocence" for Greek cinema, as most of the stories unfolded events of ordinary life at that time.
 For me, photography is more than an impressive shot that will steal the viewer's eyes. It's inspiration. It is a depiction of reality, from another angle. I like to experiment with everything usual and add my own touch that will elevate it to something more unique!
"View the world through my eyes ... It's a wonderful journey!"

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